III-V Molecular Beam Epitaxy


C2N epitaxy relies on five epitaxial reactors dedicated to the elaboration of III-V compounds of various doping (Si, Be, C, Mg, Te), magnetic GaMnAs, dilute nitrides and dilute bismides. We can provide a very large variety of structure like III-V quantums dots, III-V nanowires, microcavities, high mobility 2D electron gases (2DEG) for studies of quantum transport, nanoelectronics and photonics.

GENII for 2D Electron Gas

Compact21 for III-V Heterostructures

C12 for III-N Nanowires

R2300 for Spintronics

R32 for III-V Nanowires


  • Antonella Cavanna (IR)
  • Ulf Gennser
  • Jean-Christophe Harmand
  • Noelle Lebeau-Gogneau
  • Aristide Lemaitre
  • Martina Morassi (IE)
  • Fabrice Oehler
  • Laurent Travers (IE)